Nobody sells The Bay Area like Bernard Laffer.

For the past 20 years as a Realtor currently doing business as Realty World Complete Services, Bernard has been among the highest performing realtors in the East Bay. For ten straight years, he has been the recipient of Bay East Association of Realtors “Pinnacle Award” for the highest yearly level of achievement.

A former high school and college teacher and track coach from Brooklyn, NYC (Coney Island); Bernard has learned that to be effective you need to avoid puffing and illusion and provide important relevant information.

Bernard is a long term Pleasanton resident
and has two children Cody age 24 and Karly age 18. My kids attended local schools, participated in many sports, took music lessons, played in parks all over the East Bay, went to a variety of beaches and have friends in different communities.


Why a full service discount REALTOR®?

My wife and I lived in Fresno before moving to the Bay Area. I was an English and History teacher and head track coach at Clovis and Edison H.S. When it came time to sell my home I interviewed numerous traditional realtors. I was not impressed. They all handed me the same line of nonsense for exorbitant fees. There was nothing that made any of the agents stand out.

I finally interviewed an independent discount broker. He was a real straight shooter. He gave me an overview of how homes are sold. Made some suggestions for preparing my home for sale and provided these services at a lower rate. He did not appear to be greedy and obviously knew what he was doing. He went out of his way to educate me. My home sold and we used him to purchase our 1st Pleasanton home. In return, he rebated us part of his commission.

It was at that time that I decided to enter the real estate business… The timing was right, business was booming and hiring was up. People were coming to the Bay Area from all over the world. They were usually highly educated, possessing one or more graduate degree and speaking several languages. The new residents were a good fit. They respected my education and life experience. They certainly appreciated my commission structure and rebate.