In my previous lives prior to my becoming a Realtor I was an attorney in NYC and later high school, JC  and college teacher and track coach. From the time I secured my own college scholarship at age 16 I became entrenched in the ever changing climate of college acceptance. Over the years I have helped many students in their quest for college acceptance. As a Realtor I pride my self in understanding the ratings and accomplishments of the myriad of Bay Area school districts.           Many of my clients are preoccupied with the ratings of a particular high school or middle school, Wanting only the best for their children. As a person who has been involved in college placement for almost 5 decades I would like to explain that the highest scoring school is most likely the school with the most pressure.               Most top universities could not tell the difference between a high school in Cupertino OR Livermore, but they do look at the applicants class standing and whether the school offers a selection of AP courses. In a high pressured high school landing in the top 10% requires you to have valedictorian like grades. Virtually all A+ in every course. For many students they have to sacrifice teams, clubs and a social life to achieve this. In choosing a school you might give thought to a good high school rather than the best, thereby reducing the pressure and enhancing the chances for academic achievement. I have a great deal of information concerning this. If you are interested please call me at 925 216 4799  Bernard Laffer