I have been a FULL SERVICE DISCOUNT REALTOR for over 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have closed approximately $500 Million Dollars in real estate sales and regularly win real estate achievement honors. For most of my real estate career full commissioned Realtors have attempted to demean my services claiming that I provide less service than they do. It is a complete fallacy. I charge a 1% Listing Fee and rebate my Buying Clients 1/2 of my commission ( usually 1.25% of the purchase price}. What services do you miss for my 1% listing fee that full commissioned realtors provide. You be the judge. I help my clients prepare their homes for sale through a wide array of reasonably priced contractors, handyman  and landscapers that will do everything from a complete remodel to paint , tile, landscaping, tree trimming ,etc. I will personally oversee these projects and communicate with the contractors on a regular basis. I also provide a free staging consultation. Professional photos, flyers and a virtual tour are included. In addition to maximum exposure on line. I will also personally sit open homes rather than substitute an agent who doesn’t know the area.  I am also well versed in all aspects of education having taught for 16 years in the public school system and worked at several colleges and JCs As a former history teacher I have a full understanding of culture and demographics. I am familiar with the principles of Vastu and Feng Shui and have a network of experts who can adapt a house to a client’s cultural requirements.          In the Bay Area starter homes are priced in the one million dollar range. If I sell a one million dollar home my 1% commission would total $10,000. A full commissioned agent would charge at least $25,000. It is hard to fathom that they provide a vast difference in services to justify the extra $15,000.   YOU BE THE JUDGE.PLEASE CALL ME AT 925 216 4799 FOR A CONSULTATION.   BERNARD LAFFER Realty World Complete Services